NC Componenti:

Ideas, Quality and Service

NC Componenti was founded in 1984 as supplier of modular components for the automation and the linear actuation. Afterwards, to better encouter the markets’ demands, the company turned from retailer into components constructor, specialized in conveyor systems and linear units.

Nowadays the firm company enjoys great credit by many leading companies on the italian market as well as abroad. The Company can boast a commercial network present in the main industrial poles. The “problem solving” has always been one of the great strength of NC Componenti.

More than 30 years of experience with the companies of the most varied product markets allows NC Componenti designers, assisted by their partners, to face every new challenge, fully capturing operational and productive aspects and hopefully with the most efficient and durable solutions for the real working conditions.

The results are

Quick, precise and more compact devices
Ergonomics and perfect match to the functional specification
Installation and management cost reduction
Installation quality and efficiency
Minimal maintenance